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Real Estate Agency in Aiken, SC

Real Estate Agency in Aiken, SC

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Aiken, SC, is part of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA), serving as one of two primary anchor cities for the region, along with Augusta, GA. The two cities are separated by the Savannah River. Residents of Aiken are drawn to the area for its southern charm, relatively low cost of living, and proximity to both the beach and the mountains.

Aiken is known regionally and beyond for its long history of equine friendliness. During the mid-19th century, Aiken was a popular winter respite for upper class families from the northeastern United States. These families brought their horses with them, introducing an equestrian culture that continues to shape the Aiken area. Aiken is the premier regional location for horseback riding, polo and horse racing. The Aiken Steeplechase Association hosts two annual horse racing events – in the fall and in the spring – that attracts locals and visitors from around the world. The city of Aiken is also home to Hitchcock Woods. Though lacking the notoriety, Hitchcock Woods rivals the size of another urban park – Central Park in New York City. Notably, Hitchcock Woods welcomes runners, hikers, and walkers, along with their leashed dogs, as well as horses and horse-drawn carriages. After a long run or ride, visitors can head to downtown Aiken to eat, shop or play – where it is not out of the ordinary to see a fellow resident on horseback.