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Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Every year, new concepts take the interior design world by storm, with design experts conjuring approaches and fresh new ways to design a home. As we say goodbye to trends like macramé, decorative crystals, and mass-produced “multicultural” knickknacks, look and plan ahead with this design outlook for 2023.

Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Prepare Your Patio with the Perfect Accessories

Prepare Your Patio with the Perfect Accessories

Decks and patios are the places where barbeques, bonfires, and other outdoor gatherings feel the best. Before you gather with loved ones outside this summer, prep your deck or patio area with these must-have accessories that can enhance your parties with comfort, style, and safety.

Keep cool

Sunny days are ideal for gatherings, but the sun can make it hard for everyone to enjoy themselves. Keep yourself and your guests refreshed cool, comfortable, and hydrated to prevent any heat-related problems.

Cooler beverage table

If you lack space or struggle to find a convenient place to keep a beverage cooler, consider this side table that doubles as a cooler. This convenient piece of furniture is easy for guests to access while they sit and chat and provides a long-lasting chill because of its tight seal, so you won’t have to replace the ice constantly.

Prepare Your Patio with the Perfect Accessories

Shade sail

Direct sun exposure for prolonged periods can be harmful to your skin, not to mention squinting to see other people isn’t ideal for conversation. Patio umbrellas help block the sun, but they can get knocked over by wind or rain and don’t always provide an area of shade large enough for everyone to use. This shade sail is large enough to keep you and your guests cool and protected from harmful UV rays.

Patio misters

Canopies and other overhead structures can reduce direct exposure to the sun, but on particularly hot days, the sun’s heat can be felt even in the shade. These patio misters provide a constant, gentle spray of cool water as you walk in and out from under an outdoor structure. Make sure you tell your guests ahead of time to avoid it if they prefer not to get misted.

Bright ideas

When the sun goes down, the usefulness of your outdoor space shouldn’t go down with it! Try these bright ideas to keep your activities and conversations well-lit.

Solar-powered lanterns

These sturdy solar-powered metal lanterns mimic a flickering flame to create an instant ambiance. Lanterns are popular because they can double as a stylish and practical light source on your deck or patio. If you choose to use solar-powered lanterns, you won’t need to worry about an open flame or replacing the batteries. They are also very versatile, as you can hang them on an exterior wall or place them on your outdoor tables.

Firepit stoker

A firepit can be a lot of fun to sit around, but you should always consider safety over fun. Most people make the mistake of using a stick to poke the fire, but that stick can easily catch fire and hurt someone when you pull it out—and you need to be too close to the flame for the stick to work. This lightweight and sturdy stoker lets you easily maintain control over the flames and logs from a four-foot distance. It also comes equipped with a one-way air valve you can blow into to help the fire maintain its energy, which means you no longer need to crouch on the ground to blow on the perfect spot.

Prepare Your Patio with the Perfect Accessories

Grillmaster must-haves

Grilled food is a summer staple best enjoyed with loved ones. Use these grill accessories to impress your guests with your skills and minimize cleanup.

Bar/grill cart

Not every grill comes equipped with enough prep space on the side. If you have side dishes and drinks, use this handy bar and grill cart to make and serve them outside. The sides of the cart come equipped with hooks, the underneath has storage, and the top is a table. Plus, it serves as a gathering space near the grill to keep the cook company.

Nonstick grill mats

The last thing you want to do after hosting a barbeque is spent an hour cleaning up the grill. Use these reusable nonstick grill mats that provide a smooth surface to prevent small pieces of food from falling into the grill. Don’t worry, you’ll still get appetizing grill marks on your food!

Grill baskets

Grilled food tastes best when it’s fresh from the flames. These grill baskets will enable you to try new recipes since you can use foods that might otherwise be too messy or small for the grates to hold. Plus, you can serve food right from the grill basket on the table. Using the grill baskets to serve cuts down on cleanup and keeps the food warmer for longer, but remember to put a hot pad on the table first to avoid burn marks.

Entertainment extras

What’s the point of having an amazing outdoor space if you can’t have fun using it? Try these accessories to transform your patio or deck into an entertainment hub.

Portable projector

Outdoor movies are an unforgettable experience. This tiny-but-mighty HD portable projector comes complete with a 100-inch screen so everyone can gather around and watch without struggling to see it. You can use nearly any device to stream your film to the projector: a laptop with HDMI or USB, a Roku Stick, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, an iOS or Android device, hard discs, or a PlayStation or Xbox gaming system. With so many ways to watch, you can host a patio movie marathon to remember!

Rock speakers

These natural-looking Bluetooth rock speakers blend perfectly into any outdoor environment. If you place them strategically around the perimeter of your deck or patio, you’ll have a surround-sound setup so everyone can enjoy music no matter where they’re positioned. Don’t worry about putting the speakers away at the end of the night or before a storm since they’re waterproof.

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Set a Spark this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or your gal pals, Valentine’s Day is all about the love. If you’re racking your brain for a non-traditional way to celebrate, grab your special someone, and cozy up by the fireplace for a night that no one will forget!

Create a welcoming ambiance.

Invite your significant other into a warm and cozy atmosphere. Lay your favorite blanket in front of the fire, dim the lights, crank up your favorite tunes, and light a couple of candles. The more tranquil, the better! With these simple touches, they’re sure to forget about Old Man Winter who is (still) knocking on the door.

Select a menu.

You can’t have a picnic without food and drinks! But one of the best parts about a picnic is that it doesn’t have to be a full meal. In fact, finger foods can not only be easier to make, but also can add a little variety to your menu. Consider your special someone’s favorite foods, and get creative! Are they a veggie-lover? Then these avocado pesto mozzarella tartines are as sophisticated as they are delicious. And, for a delicious appetizer, consider trying these steak pinwheels

While a bottle of champagne is nice, a fun cocktail can help set your picnic apart. This mint grapefruit spritzer is not only refreshing, but also easy on the eyes. As the night comes to an end, impress your special loved one with a sweet treat—truffles.

Add some special touches.

After all, it is Valentine’s Day, and the holiday isn’t complete without little pops of pink and red. Consider going all out and purchasing a bundle of colorful balloons and a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your living room. This love banner will add an extra oomph to your decorating. Simply print it out, string it together, and hang it either above the fireplace or on the mantle.

Spread the love, and put together your own Valentine’s Day picnic to make this year’s holiday the best one yet!

Maximize Your Mudroom or Entryway for Fall

The fall often brings cozy decor, tasty food, and fun celebrations into your home—but it can also be a time for tracking in wet leaves, mud, and other markers of the changing weather. Keeping up with maintenance in your mudroom or entryway is of the utmost importance to prevent any potential damage to your interior.

If you don’t already have a dedicated mudroom, you can still reap the benefits of upgrading your entryway for the season ahead.

Wipe your feet

The top reason why outside elements don’t stay outside is that your shoe-storage spot isn’t trapping them. Here a few solutions that can keep the muddy mess at bay.


Decorative doormats are cozy, welcoming accessories, but they don’t offer a ton of protection and are mostly for show. Consider placing an initial decorative doormat followed by a durable runner rug through your entryway or mudroom. This way, your shoes won’t touch as much of the floor.

Shoe trays

Muddy, wet boots can wreak havoc on your hardwood or carpet. Instead of storing them outside in the cold, keep your boots warm and dry by creating a tray for them to drain onto. You will need a rubber or plastic boot tray, smooth stones, and a poly cement adhesive to glue the stones to the base of the tray. As an added bonus, the tray adds a fun and natural decorative touch to this space.


Place a bench against the wall in your entryway or mudroom, where you can take off shoes and unpack bags after a long day of fall activities. Choose one with a lift top and cubbies to maximize your storage space.

Keep it organized

When you’re in a rush, the tendency is to leave items strewn about in the mudroom or entryway. Take time to devise an organization plan that suits you and your household’s needs. By doing so, you’ll be able to find things faster and keep everything looking presentable for guests.


One of the simplest organization tools you can use is baskets. Separate them by person or type of item. For example, you could have a bin for hats, another one for gloves, and one for scarves—and label them accordingly using a label maker or stickers. Avoid using tape and paper since the baskets may get wet from outside items. If you opt to organize by person, have everyone label and decorate their bin for a personal touch.

Additionally, consider using an opaque material for your bins. Options like canvas and wicker can withstand the elements and have a clean, aesthetically pleasing look. This way, your guests can’t see through to all the items inside the bins.


In many places, the weather is cooling down and jackets are coming back out. Hooks are essential for any mudroom or entryway. Hang hooks vertically so that each person in your household has a column for multiple clothing options. Closer to the entrance, have a separate set of smaller hooks and a tray for your keys, wallets, and phones so that they don’t get lost in the chaos of taking off your layers. As an added protection, place a rubber mat underneath the hooks to catch any drippage from rain jackets.

Umbrella storage

Don’t lean your wet umbrellas against the wall; instead, give them a dedicated space where they can stay upright to drain. You can purchase an umbrella stand, or you could fashion your own with PVC pipe and a glued-on rubber base. If you decide on the latter, paint it a color that matches your interior.

Over-the-door storage

If your mudroom has an inside door, create an over-the-door storage system to keep smaller items compartmentalized. Accessories such as masks and sunglasses will be easily accessible but out of the way. Choose a storage system with clear pouches so you can immediately find what you need.

Dry and clean it off

Before taking off your layers and storing them back in your baskets or cubbies, let them dry. Not allowing your items to dry before storing can lead to musty smells and mold and mildew, and will prevent your belongings from drying properly. Here are some tips to ensure you effectively dry the items in your mudroom or entryway.


Implement a hanging system for wet clothing before storing it back in baskets. Clothing like hats, gloves, and scarves can be left to dry using special hangers. Be sure to use a space that you can place rubber mats beneath. You can also invest in a wall-mounted drying rack, which can come in handy in all seasons for wet snow gear, spring rain jackets, and summer bathing suits.


Any mats that you place down should be rinsed and washed at least once a week. If you notice leaves and debris becoming an issue, mount a broom to the wall, and sweep any materials back outside into a dedicated pile for removal. Just make sure leaves and dirt aren’t left on the porch or steps where they can be tracked back inside. Check with your municipality for leaf removal rules.

Hard surfaces

Keep a small towel handy to wipe down any debris that gets onto your entryway seating and hard surfaces, and be sure to wash it regularly. You may also consider keeping a basket of supplies nearby to clean and disinfect.

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

While it may not get the same attention kitchens and bathrooms receive, your laundry room plays a significant role in helping your household function from day to day. However, considering how much time you spend washing and drying your clothes, you may overlook updating this space. By adding some of these functional and appealing upgrades, laundry day may become less of a chore.

Ironing center
Once your laundry is washed and dried, you’ll need to fold and iron your clothing. To help efficiently complete these tasks, consider installing a fold-out ironing board or table instead of a standing table that may take up valuable floor space. A fold-out ironing station will take up minimal wall space and create a convenient spot to handle many of your laundry needs. Some fold-out ironing boards come with storage space perfect for keeping your iron, starch, and lint rollers nearby.

If your laundry room lacks floor space, you can upgrade your storage capabilities by using wall space with shelving. Try adding open shelving above your washer and dryer for a helpful upgrade. You can organize your shelves by placing items you need for washing, such as detergents and stain removers, and drying, such as dryer sheets or dryer balls, above each appliance so they’re easily within reach. You can also utilize the back of your laundry room’s door with a hook or two for items you don’t want to get wrinkled. Another storage upgrade to consider is to add laundry bins into existing cabinets. This addition will help keep dirty and clean clothes separate without sacrificing a lot of space.

Hanging rod
A hanging rod can be a multifunctional addition to assist you on laundry day. These storage devices allow you to store clothes you’ve ironed and hang delicate items that need to be air-dried. Best of all, you can complete this project for less than $50. However, make sure you choose a rod designed to hold clothing and verify that it can hold the item you plan to hang on it.

Sometimes laundry rooms lack windows, which can cause them to be dark. However, you can help your space look more luminous with a new coat of paint. Choose a paint color like bright white, light gray, or light tan to make your laundry room appear brighter and more inviting. If you’re looking to liven up your laundry room, consider using decorative wallpaper.

Light fixtures
Another solution for a dark laundry room is upgrading the lights in the room. You may be able to switch the bulb out for a higher wattage, or you can switch out the entire fixture. Small tap lights under cabinets or shelves can help shine a light on your work area while doing your laundry.

Even a minor upgrade can make a big difference. By changing out the handles, knobs, and hinges of your cabinets or drawers, you can give your laundry room an immediate refresh. All you need to do is choose the hardware you like best, remove the cabinet doors and existing hardware, and add your new hardware. It can be a significant change for a small price—less than $20 depending on the hardware you choose.

Once you’ve upgraded your laundry room, use these tips to help eliminate the toughest stains on your clothing.