Doug Cassidy

In 2006 Doug and Sue Cassidy purchased their home in Aiken. From Southampton, NY,  they first visited Aiken as an overnight stop just to see the downtown and the horse district.  It took only one look for them to decide to stay.

“Aiken is a truly beautiful place.  It offers visitors and residents alike a warm welcome and it is a very pet friendly environment. This is most important to us and to our dog.  There are excellent veterinarians and animal care organizations here in Aiken, and the whole town is a great place for pet owners.  We feel right at home.”

Through the years Doug has worked as a funding executive and director on behalf of many dog and cat adoption agencies.  He was Board President of the Animal Rescue Fund of East Hampton, NY, and was Vice President/Treasurer for the NY State Humane Association.  Doug was also Project Director for the innovative PAWS William Bossert Memorial project for senior pets and people.  An author, Doug has written numerous articles about dogs, and a book called Name That Cat, published  by Crown Publications.

Doug is a retired professional dog trainer and for over 40 years has volunteered to help people and humane societies with training and dog behavior.

“Come visit us in Aiken.  I think you’ll find that Aiken is a place that you will be proud to call home.”